Untitled Hooks

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Hooks made of beech wood. Every hook is made by hand finished and unique.

Dimensions ø30mm x 80mm long /ø1.2×2.7 inch

Pack of 2, incl fittings

Made in Europe

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These functional hooks with their bold form are all handcrafted, making each of them unique, and can be used on their own or as a series to create custom effects on a wall.

Untitled Hooks are inspired by the natural world, specifically trees and the contrast found between the bark exterior and trunk interior. The bark is replaced by a colour, with each hook hand-carved to a shape reminiscence of drawing pencils. When placed together the hooks create a colourful forest on the wall. The whole look is harmonious and regular whilst the individuality of each hook remains evident.

As noted by the designer Marc Schulthess, “Walls often lack life. The Untitled Hooks can create a customisable and functional wall area to be occupied by everyday objects, whilst still remaining unique. Whether they come to decorate a blank white wall in a hallway or in a bedroom, a nursery or a living room, Untitled Hooks will bring that wall to life”.

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